A new challenge arrives to your screen: Stontrix! It’s a simple puzzle game but full of different features and lots of surprises along the way. Prevent having your screen filled with stones by sliding them with a finger and aligning them with others of the same color which will make them disappear. Find some help along the way such as stones with a clock giving you more time, or stones with a bomb that destroy lines around them, and pay attention to make sure you align the stones with coins to collect coins and continue playing. But do not lose your guard because Stontrix stones can also be against you and make you lose the game. Be especially careful to not line up the stones with a skull!

These are only some of the features of Stontrix, so download the game and discover more surprises that Stontrix has in store for you. What you will discover for sure is fun on any level! Always carry the game with you and keep overcoming its challenges!


  • Discover a new way to play with this original and addictive puzzle.
  • 40 levels that will test your skills
  • level after level, you’ll discover challenges with new power ups that will help you on your way to victory.
  • Enjoy a unique entertainment experience that will give you hours of fun.
  • Stontrix is recommended for the whole family.